About The Fox Crate

El Disco Es Cultura

The Fox Crate is a collective formed by two primos – who share a firmly rooted passion for digging, finding, collecting, and listening to records (or discos). Sonny, the purist of the duo, inherited his initial collection from his Viejo at an early age – and has steadily built upon that inheritance one VG+ to near mint record at a time. Primo Rick, meanwhile, built his collection from the ground up – as a very young house/hip-hop DJ, tossing his records on and off the decks as quickly as he was copping them. 

Not For Clout, But For Passion

We decided to merge our passion for digging with our respective professional experiences working in audio production (NPR + Commercial Music) and video production (Broadcast Television + Commercials) to curate and craft the stories we’d like to tell, and share with the rest of the vinyl community via The Fox Crate and The Fox Crate Podcast.