TFC Podcast – S1:EP20 – The Wrap-Up (Season One Finale)

by Sonny   ·  2 years ago  

As the old adage goes, “better late than never” – We finally made it to our season one finale! ***This episode was recorded at the end of 2019***. We brought the season (and the year) to an end by highlighting a few of our favorite finds/records of the year and we brought back our fellow digger, Jannae (aka The Vinyl Doctor) to get in on the conversation. In vintage TFC fashion, we brought all the cuts to the forefront and put a bow on the first year that was The Fox Crate Podcast. Thanks for sticking with us throughout Season 1 – more to come for Season 2. Stay hyped!

TFC Podcast – S1:EP18 – The Evolution of New Media (feat Andy Hermann & Doug Kamin)

by Sonny   ·  2 years ago  

Our season one penultimate episode is a music nerd’s dream! We sat down with freelance writer, editor, and journalist – Andy Hermann, and the former vice-president of content at – Doug Kamin – to talk about the ever-changing landscape that is called “new media.” We re-live the glory days of what it was like to cover the music industry before the boom of blogs, podcasts, and streaming. We also get Doug and Andy’s takes on the future of vinyl collecting, and why Doug believes it to be just another fad. Andy and Doug also recount some of their personal favorite interviews that they conducted with the likes of Cameron Crowe, James Murphy, Stewart Copeland, and James Blunt. Lastly, Andy shares some of his favorite records with us, before he and Doug take on The Fox Crate DJ Challenge.

TFC Podcast – S1:EP17 – Paradise City Records & Stuff (feat Induce)

by Sonny   ·  2 years ago  

We visited Paradise City Records and chatted with co-owner, shop keeper, DJ, artist, and fellow digger – Induce, AKA Ryan Smith. We got into the hustle of opening and running a record shop in Los Feliz, and heard some of the lessons he’s learned in year one. As an L.A. transplant from Magic City (Miami) – Ryan talked about his early digging days as a Hip Hop head/ DJ, and also discussed his current radio show at Dublab. Lastly, we asked Induce to walk us through his “dream” DJ set as we played some Italo bangers along the way.

TFC Podcast – S1:EP16 – A Simple Man; A Living Legend (feat The Grouch)

by Sonny   ·  2 years ago  

We chop it up with Corey Scoffern, aka The Grouch, and take a retrospective look at his 25-year career/role in Hip Hop. We talk about his unconditional love for the game –  as a fan, producer, pioneering indie-artist, performer, group member, father and mentor – as he continues to evolve as an emcee, and collaborator.

We definitely geek out on the lost art of sampling/digging for wax, – recalling his record haul from the dumpster at Rasputin. We also get his thoughts on releasing old and new projects via the vinyl format – including past and upcoming Record Store Day releases.

Speaking of new projects – The Grouch speaks on his upcoming project/collaboration with Murs – Thees Handz – and what it’s meant to him to re-connect with his fellow Living Legends mate. As for new Living Legends records, he talks about his efforts to get the group together and hopefully make something happen eventually. (So you’re saying there’s a chance!)

Lastly, we discuss his newest role as mentor – as he works with a 17-year old up-and-coming artist (Daniyel), and how he’s coaching his daughter (Rio Amor) in fostering her skills, and itch for wanting to rap, write, and perform.

Bonus – The Fox Crate DJ Challenge (feat The Grouch) – The Grouch drops his dream DJ set – which includes some certified HEAT!

TFC Podcast: S1 EP15 – A Crucial Episode (feat JonnyGo Figure)

by Sonny   ·  2 years ago  

All the way from BK to CA, we welcome JonnyGo Figure to the podcast! It’s a Reggae history lesson – as we get into his upbringing as a young selector, his love for vinyl, and his current digging habits/approach. We discuss the moment he decided to temporarily ditch the decks for the mic – his Reggae/Hip Hop influences, and what it was like to work on his own record, the Crucial Showcase EP. Lastly, we put Jonny on the spot as he accepts The Fox Crate Vinyl Challenge, and preps his dream DJ sets for Crrruuucial Fest!