Naughty By Nature – Hip Hop Hooray (12″)

by Sonny   ·  2 years ago  
1993 Tommy Boy U.S. Pressing

Shout out to @wax33rpm for hosting this year’s #baseballvinylchallenge2 – our contribution was to challenge folks to feature a walk-off song they would play after hitting the game winning HR. This was a no brainer for us, as Primo Rick’s Kirk Gibson banger got overruled by The Kid, aka Ken Griffey Jr, and his famous walk-up song – “Hip Hop Hooray,” by Naughty By Nature. 
Before the NBA became synonymous with Hip-Hop, there was a hall-of-fame center-fielder playing in Seattle, who made baseball look and feel cool. Griffey Jr. brought all the swag – from wearing his hat backwards, to his gold-glove defense, and that silky smooth home-run swing. He’s the reason I became a Seattle Mariners fan (still am today), even though I grew up in L.A. 🤷🏻‍♂️ – I was at his jersey retirement ceremony a few years back and it was one of the best sports-related moments of my life. Also, shout out to the @seattlemariners for being one of the first franchises to introduce batters with a walk-up song. Even though the challenge called for a “walk-off” song – it’s all the same to me because anytime Junior came to the plate, chances were that ball was leaving the yard. Salute to “The Kid” for being one of the greatest to ever do it 👏🏼 #letthekidsplay#sodomojo#truetotheblue